martes, 16 de octubre de 2012

How do Mexicans rate the quality of government services?

INEGI, the autonomous government entity charged with compiling statistics on Mexico, published the results of a new survey today. The survey asked Mexicans 18 or older living in cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants to rate the quality of 31 tramites (procedures) and government services on a scale of 1 (least satisfied) to 10 (most satisfied). There were some interesting results.

--Nearly half (49.2%) of respondents faced some sort of problem when doing a tramite. In over three-quarters (77.1%) of the cases, respondents cited "barriers to effecting the tramite" as their most frequent problem. Such barriers included "excessive requisites", long lines, being sent from one place to another, and being required to go to places that were far away.

--Three-quarters of respondents said they were "satisfied" with the time it took to comply with the tramite or the service. Four out of five thought they were treated "adequately". Interesting to try squaring those findings with the conclusion above, isn't it?

--Only one in four respondents used the "electronic government" (banks, supermarkets, internet or modulos automaticos). Three out of four went to a government office or the Treasury.

--Respondents were happy with the quality of public services provided by the states, municipalities and delegations: 67.2% thought state-provided services were "good"; 67.0% said the same of services provided by municipalities and delegations. Fewer respondents -- 58.7% -- felt that way about public services provided by the federal government.

--Judging by the average rating of 8.1, respondents are reasonably happy with the quality of tramites and public service. That is more true of some tramites and services than others: signing up for university and the public schools and paying light and water bills received grades of 8.4 - 8.5. Respondents felt differently about tramites in the judicial system (6.1) and ministerio publico (5.9 for the public prosecutor's office) and requesting public services like lighting or paving streets (6.0).

--Respondents were happiest with the quality of such public services as electricity (85.2% described it as good or very good) and water (76.3%). The quality of streets and of police were at the other end of the scale -- 61.6% of respondents rated them bad or very bad.

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