jueves, 20 de febrero de 2014

Government to taxpayers: don't pay me yet

Whether you call this year's tax package a fiscal reform or not, everyone can agree that there are a multitude of changes to take into account when calculating taxes due this year. January and the first part of February have been a nightmare for taxpayers scrambling to figure out how much they owe under the new fiscal provisions. That wasn't a surprise.

It was a surprise, though, when Hacienda told individual taxpayers that they should wait an extra month, until March, to pay their January taxes and then pay them along with their February tax payments. It's not out of concern for taxpayers that Hacienda isn't collecting January's taxes this month: Hacienda's platforms simply weren't up to the job.

Meanwhile, negotiations continue as to whether everything that, as of January 1, is no longer deductible will stay that way. The private sector is holding on to the hope that some benefits might be more deductible than others.

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