miércoles, 18 de septiembre de 2013

How do tax burdens compare?

Ever wonder how the direct tax income collected by the Mexican central government compares to what's collected in Brazil, Chile and Colombia? If you did, here's the answer for 2011, stated as a percentage of GDP.

  • Mexico:     5.4%
  • Brazil:       9.2%
  • Chile         7.6%
  • Colombia   6.9%

If you include direct taxes collected by all levels of government, the order remains the same:

  • Mexico      6.0%
  • Brazil       10.5%
  • Chile          8.2%
  • Colombia   7.5%

What's especially interesting is how direct taxes paid by individuals and companies (as a percentage of GDP) compares in Mexico, Brazil and Chile. (Colombia doesn't provide the breakdown.) Remember: these percentages of GDP are from 2011. If approved, Mexico's proposed fiscal reform will increase the percentage paid by individuals.


  • Mexico   2.4%
  • Brazil     3.7%
  • Chile      3.9%


  • Mexico    2.7%
  • Brazil      0.5%
  • Chile       1.4%

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