martes, 13 de agosto de 2013

What's the income of the "average" Mexican household?

In 2012, monthly household income in Mexico averaged $12,708 in 2012 (US$980 a month using the average annual exchange rate). Half (51%) of income went to the top 20% of households. The bottom half of households had a fifth of income. Income ranged from $2,332 for the poorest tenth of households to $44,344 for the top tenth. 

The average Mexican household in 2012 had 3.7 members, 1.8 of whom were “economically active” and 2.4 of whom received income of some sort (perceptores por hogar). The head of the household was 48.6 years old and 2.5 people in the household were 14-65 years old. 

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