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Why it still feels like a recession to so many Americans...

If you sell to the US, know the changes in your market.

The conclusions from a study by former, long-term employees of the Census Bureau  on median household income in the US, pre- and post Great Recession include the following:

After the "Great Recession" ended, US household income continued to fall. Between June 2009 and June 2011, median annual household income in the US fell 6.7% to $49,909. During the recession -- between December 2007 and June 2009 -- the decline was 3.2%.

The impact differed by race, by age, marital status, type of employer, and education.

Race: In 2011, the median annual household income for non-Hispanic whites was $56,320, 7.8% less than in June 2007. For Hispanics, median annual household income was $39,901, a 6.8% decline. Blacks' household income declined 9.2%, to $31,784.

Age: Inflation-adjusted income declined for households headed by people under 62. It rose 4.7% for households headed by people 65-74. There was no significant change for household headed by people 62-64.

Employer: Median annual income dropped 12.3% (adjusted for inflation) for households headed by the self-employed. The decline was 4.3% for private sector workers and 3.7% for government workers.

Marital Status: Income declined more for men living alone than for women living alone. The decline was largest for family households.

Education:  Median annual income for households headed by people who have:
not completed high school:     $25,157    - 7.9%
Associate’s degree:                $53,195    -14%
BA or more:                          $82,846    - 8.6% 

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