lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011

It's Carlos Slim Day...

Both the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times are featuring stories on the challenges to Carlos Slim's dominance posed by his battle with the Televisa/Azteca duopoly, the Supreme Court ruling and the mega-fine levied by the Federal Competition Commission. Until now, Telmex and Telcel have been able to postpone paying any fines levied until the judicial process has run its course. Effectively, that meant fines had no teeth. The drop in the share price following the ruling leaves no doubt that investors appreciate its significance, especially with the nearly US$1 billion fine imposed by the Federal Competition Commission in April outstanding.

The third week of next month, our 2011 ECONOMEX SPECIAL SESSION will give you the answers to the question of what is behind the pitched battle between Mexico's telecommunications and television giants. Jorge Alvarez Hoth, one of the architects of and leading authority on Mexico's telecommunications sector, will give us a roadmap of the conflict and discuss what the different possible outcomes could mean for your firm and for consumers. Mr. Alvarez Hoth is a former UnderSecretary of Communications, a top executive in a leading telecomm company, and a newly elected member of the Cofetel Advisory Board.

Economex subscribers will be receiving a mail with the date, place and time of the Special Session shortly. Others who are interested in this timely, controversial subject that impacts all of the economy and business will find more information on the American Chamber / Mexico webpage.

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